Mega Yachts

This field includes of all possible operation ranges of our products the most versatile field of application. Amongst others custom-made cranes and systems for the engine room are required as well as for moving life-saving appliances, tender boats, work boats and submarines, jet skis, RIBs, motorbikes, provisions and lightmasts.

Thereby this field demands performances which greatly exceed the industrial standard and to which we have to face up in our daily work regarding various regulations of the flag states, classification societies, SOLAS-Convention, Large Commercial Yacht Code, Passenger Yacht Code and so on as well as generally regarding the used technic, the corrosion protection and the optical design.

This is based on our wide Know how which we adopted over the years and across versatile projects. We can therefore proudly state that amongst others 4 of the Top 5 mega yachts of the world and moreover many mega yachts are equipped with our cranes.