Offshore & Wind Power

The offshore and wind power field contains all in the open sea off the coast stationary buildings such as wind power plants, oil platforms, transformer platforms and research platforms as well as all vessels which support the construction and maintenance of these buildings and pipelines and also support the process of offshore production. These include e.g.:
  • Offshore supply vessels (OSV)
  • Offshore subsea construction vessels (OSCV)
  • Floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSO)
  • Pipe laying vessels
As on all other already presented vessels also on these ones as well as on the offshore buildings crane systems and trolleys are required. On wind power plants it is about cranes for the nacelle, the spinner as well as the operation platform and on transformer platforms it is about overhead cranes, special cranes and trolleys.

In contrast on the aforementioned vessels cranes for supporting the lowering of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and for moving of pipes and so on are used.

Regarding wind power plants we have to expose that we can of course offer and deliver cranes for onshore wind power plants.